Back to School Lunches Made Easy with new look ‘The One Kids’ Grains’

Parents around the country will be breathing a sigh of relief this Back to School period, with the newly revamped ‘The One Kids’ Grains’ bread hitting shelves.

Tip Top Bakeries’ ‘The One’ range, has a bread for everyone and fussy kids are no exception. As the name suggests, ‘The One Kids’ Grains’ is targeted at parents with young kids and is full of healthy grains to keep Mums happy – but they’re hidden so the kids won’t know they’re there. Did somebody say genius?!

Saltmine created the new packaging design for ‘The One Kids’ Grains’, maintaining the current design structure of The One to ensure consistency on shelf, but broke the mould when it came to differentiating the variant. The playful, hand-drawn grain characters, child-like font and bright purple colour set this variant apart from the rest of the range.

As with the other products in the range, the packaging has a clear window to highlight quality, taste and freshness. And the snappy claim, “The grains chosen by kids for kids” is bound to be a compelling reason to buy.

Feb 14, 2019


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