Bürgen Bread Bursts with Goodness

Working with client, George Weston Foods, we developed a new communication strategy for the Bürgen brand.

This provided the starting point for creation of the new visual identity. The objective of the new identity is to emphasise the delicious and nutritious ingredients which focus on promoting ‘nourished living’; an important platform for the brand.

When speaking about this project, Justine Cotter, Head of Brands and Communication for Bürgen, said “The new visual identity created by Saltmine has given Bürgen a new look and feel which will attract new consumers to the brand while building on the elements our loyal consumers already know and love. We are confident that the new design and communication re-fresh will be well received by current and potential consumers alike.” 

At the core of the Bürgen brand is the compelling fact that the delicious range of breads have been developed by an expert team of nutritionists and bakers, using mouth-watering, nourishing ingredients. These credentials really anchor Bürgen as a healthy bread option and Saltmine brought this to the forefront of the visual identity.

As part of this project, Saltmine also revamped Bürgen’s social media presence, creating new content and managing a Facebook and Instagram program supported by micro influencers and ambassadors. 

Saltmine Chief Curation Officer, Sara Salter, added: “The Bürgen project is a great example of how a strong and consistent visual communication approach across multiple touchpoints can maximise cut-through for a brand.”

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Feb 27, 2019


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