The Caroma Style Lounge is a new video series, created and produced by Saltmine and hosted by Caroma designer Deborah De Jong. Each episode features an interview with an industry professional to ask their best design tips and practical advice when designing bathrooms.

The list of talented designers includes renowned TV Interior Designer Darren Palmer. He shares his top tips for defining your bathroom style, personal style and recommendations on playing it safe or pushing the boundaries when it comes to designing a colourful bathroom.

Created and produced by Saltmine, the series features six episodes:

  • Planning your perfect bathroom sanctuary with Interior Designer, Darren Palmer.
  • Colour in your bathroom sanctuary with Founder & Editor of The Design Files, Lucy Feagins.
  • Wellness in your bathroom sanctuary with Interior Stylist & Decorator, Naomi Brand.
  • Styling your sanctuary for resale with Interior & Events Stylist, Emma Blomfield.
  • Adding texture to your bathroom sanctuary with Axolotl Design Director, Emmaline Cox.
  • Creating a Luxurious bathroom sanctuary with Interior designer and decorator, Lisa Burdus.

Watch the Caroma Style Lounge series in full here.

Apr 22, 2020


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