Water means different things to different people. World Water Day 2021 (March 22nd) started the conversation about what water means to you. How is water important to your home and family life, your livelihood, your cultural practices, your wellbeing, your local environment? 

Caroma partnered with Australian celebrity landscape gardener Jamie Durie, to launch a series in line with World Water Day. Promoting how we can protect this vital resource.  

For over two years, Saltmine has developed stand-out productions for Caroma and this latest Jamie Durie video series is no exception.  

Driving awareness for the importance of conserving water, Saltmine created a content series educating Australians with the simple things that can be implemented into everyday life that has big impact.  

It’s the small changes – such as installing a pool cover; replacing leaky indoor taps with Caroma High WELS taps; landscaping with native Australian plants that use less water; using garden mulch to stop water evaporation; installing Caroma dual-flush toilets; implementing a 4-minute shower rule and installing Caroma High WELS shower heads – that make the difference. You’ll even save money along the way.   

In the series Caroma followed an Australian family who made these changes in their home. When they visited months later, the families water usage had nearly halved! An incredible result. 

Watch the series in full here.

Jun 1, 2021


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