Josh and Jenna have gone on to win the hearts of Australians through their successful design projects and renovations – making them the perfect couple to collaborate in the 6-part series 'Classic Style' with our client, Caroma Bathrooms

You may recognise this renovating super couple from The Block and Reno Rumble…

Josh, a certified plumber and Jenna, an interior decorator, walk us through everything you need to know for renovating a bathroom. From the research and planning stage to learning how to add your final touch of style, our aim was to create relatable content that resonated with Caroma Classic’s target audience. We were able to amplify the content reach by stretching content across various platforms, from Facebook advertising to Instagram Reels, effectively expanding audience reach and driving web traffic.

The result? This creative collaboration with Josh & Jenna boosted our client’s website users by 50%. We also saw success in page session increases and bounce rate decreases. Impressive results across social were also seen, with video content reaching over 900k users and receiving over 1k in audience engagements!

Catch up on all the episodes with Josh & Jenna today by visiting the link: 



Jul 8, 2021


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