Saltmine is pleased to welcome Matt Ball to the team, in the role of Design Director.

We asked Matt where his passion lies: “Creating brands that have a story – that don’t just communicate what they are, but tap into an idea or emotion that takes you on a journey. The best brands tell their own unique story but communicate what they are, giving a brand their own unique voice.” 

And what’s your superpower, Matt? “Creating original ideas to capture people’s attention. Then crafting the big idea and making it the best it can be, injecting the detail and then refinement. I also love typography. We work in the industry of communication and clarity of messaging is supported through clarity of type.”

And something we don’t know about you? “I’m inspired by what others are doing in the art world. I love drawing and painting and have had my own exhibitions in the past. I dabble in fine art, modern still life and landscapes.”

Matt is experienced in branding, packaging, print work and POS and has previously worked on the Continental Masterbrand, and wine branding and packaging for Robert Oatley Wines (Wild Oats). Like all good Aussie designers, Matt had a stint in the UK, before joining us in September 2018