Get your Summer Jam on at 7/11 with V Energy Drink

We’ve long known that NPD and limited-edition flavours drive ‘V’ brand & category growth by exciting the ‘V’ consumer with ‘new’ news.

V Energy Drink is an expert in engaging the consumer with limited-edition offerings and we know that these launches help drive existing ‘V’ drinkers to try something new and also increase frequency of the rest of the range when placed in fast-lane fridges at front of store.

Frucor Suntory briefed Saltmine to create the packaging design for the latest limited-edition flavour. ‘Summer Jam’ evokes the feeling of summer in a can, with the subtle taste of strawberries. The objective was to bring the new flavour to life on-pack, whilst maintaining the vibrant look and feel of the ‘V’ Core range.

V Summer Jam is exclusive to 7/11 and will be available in 250mL cans from November 2018 until March 2019.

Nov 30, 2018


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