Laura McAleer joins the Saltmine team as our Creative Artworker. She’s won us over with her Irish accent and her huge smile - but don’t ask if she wants salad for lunch! We asked her some questions to get to know her better…

Tell us how you’d describe your job to a 6 year old?

My job is to tell a visual story using letters and images. These stories might appear on your computer screen, sometimes on a poster beside the bus stop and other times on the wrapper around your cookies.

What are you currently watching on Netflix?

Rick and Morty & Comedians in Cars Getting Coffee.

And what’s your favourite Spotify album?

The Marcus King Band.

You’re on a deserted island and get one Uber Eats order – what will it be?

Sirloin steak, cooked rare with garlic butter, Irish triple cooked hand cut chips and gravy.

What’s your super power?

Dad jokes. Here’s a good one: Don’t trust atoms… they make up everything! **ba dum tss!**

Something we don’t know about you?

In Ireland, I used to volunteer as a 1940’s style catwalk model to raise money for cancer research. I got to wear a dress that was originally made for a first class guest of the Titanic but it was not finished on time before her maiden voyage.

What’s your favourite quote?

“Spend your money foolishly and your time wisely.” Credit: A wise person 😉

Oct 11, 2019


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