Move aside Sunshine Coast, Maximus launches ‘The Biggest Pineapple’ yet

Sydney visual communications agency, Saltmine, is pleased to announce their latest work on Frucor Suntory’s Maximus brand, a new flavour addition to the range of isotonic sports drinks.

Frucor Suntory created the Maximus brand in conjunction with Saltmine in 2013. Since then, the brand has become well-known in the target market for its value for money, product efficacy, provocative marketing campaigns and continuous flavour launches.

‘The Biggest Pineapple’ is the latest launch and the key challenge in the brief to Saltmine was to differentiate this flavour from the core isotonic range whilst communicating the proposition of 10% real pineapple juice.

Saltmine stayed true to Maximus’ master brand identity, centring the new design around the Maximus logo. The pack design features a distinctive pineapple skin texture and pineapple leaves sprouting out of the brand mark.

Sep 5, 2018


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