Hot off the press and onto shelves this week is our latest work for George Weston Foods brand, Tip Top The One.

The One is a popular lunchbox choice for mums and kids alike, so partnering with the Pokémon franchise presented a strong opportunity for an eye-catching on-pack promotion for the brand. Centred around the launch of the new DVD release, the Pokémon promotion will appeal both to kids and their parents who have grown up with it.

We developed the promotional packaging, which features a striking black promotional lock-up and a range of Pokémon characters. As black is not a colour traditionally used on bread packaging, it stands out on shelf to disrupt the category.

The promotion itself gives purchasers the chance to win from a pool of over 12,000 lunch sets, including a Pokémon cooler bag and lunchbox. The simple “win one every 5 minutes” mechanic allows entrants to register up to five times per day for a chance to win instantly.

Oct 8, 2019


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