Based on a successful campaign for the brand in the UK, the local Ryvita team were keen to leverage this success and create a similar campaign to launch in the Australian market.

As awareness grows about the importance of gut health within the target market, there is a lot of confusion amongst these health-conscious individuals about how to increase fibre and look after their gut. With that in mind, the objective of this campaign was to show that increasing fibre can be simple, fun and delicious with Ryvita.

The Ryvita Fibre for Life campaign calls people to “Join the #RyvitaResolution” which means committing to a sustainable, long-term high fibre diet for better health with Ryvita.

After identifying an opportunity to position the recommended daily fibre intake as tasty as well as fun, Saltmine created a campaign. With creative based around delicious recipes and flavours, all incorporating the Ryvita product. It’s an informative campaign to educate Australians on the benefits of fibre, through the lens of Ryvita.

Our integrated campaign incorporates many touchpoints including:

  • Social media – content creation and management
  • POS and print – Coles in-store support and magazine
  • Consumer Fibre Study – 2000 Australians surveyed for their current fibre knowledge, intakes and more
  • PR –sharing of activity with media contacts, paid media in Concrete Playground
  • Ambassadors – we recruited nutritionists, The Biting Truth, to be spokespeople for this campaign plus micro ambassadors in social content
  • Digital – website updated to include new design and recipes
  • Sampling – events through Sydney in a Ryvita branded airstream with product sampling and brand ambassadors

Campaign was in market from early March 2020.

Mar 2, 2020


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