Saltmine is proud to announce the first launch for new client, Melrose Health, under the Melrose brand. The new visual identity for the Melrose MCT Oil range, created by Saltmine, will launch nationwide from November. 

Saltmine were briefed to create a new visual identity for Melrose MCT Oil, with the objective of ensuring the brand remains relevant and retains its market leader position. Medium-Chain Triglycerides (MCT) are widely known as beneficial nutrients for the body and commonly considered “good” forms of fat, which can do everything from boost the metabolism to improve the strength of the immune system. Melrose MCT Oil is naturally derived from coconuts. 

The key message to be conveyed through the new pack design is that Melrose MCT Oil delivers sustained energy via a natural source. Despite being the market leader in MCT, Melrose’s challenger mindset helped identify that the brand needs to keep evolving rather than rest on their laurels and had the courage to make bold moves.

Globally, the MCT products market is predicted to grow by 6% over the next 4 years*, and Australia looks to follow suit with increasing competition emerging into the market. 

Saltmine saw an opportunity to challenge the status quo of the category and took inspiration from the sports nutrition market and incorporated visual codes from this category into the new identity. This can be seen through the bold colour blocking, simple fonts and use of icons to list product benefits. The on-pack copy, created by Saltmine, speaks to the benefits of the product and works as an education piece for consumers. It’s quite cheeky with an attention-grabbing double entendre to draw the eye to the pack.

Melrose Marketing Manager, Katarina Heath, said, “The new visual identity for Melrose MCT Oil is the first project we have worked on together with Saltmine. Saltmine really understood the opportunity to leverage our excellent product and strong market position to create new packaging that looks as good as the product performs. We look forward to seeing great results” 

In addition to the new pack design, Saltmine created a benefit driven message to help consumers better understand how to use MCT oil. 

There are 3 SKUs in the range, Original plus two new variants: 

  • MCT Original – Give me a Kick Start
  • MCT Pro Plus – Make me go Longer
  • MCT Pro Rapid- Get me going Faster

The range will be available in health food stores nationwide from 1st November.

* Research study by Technavio on the global medium chain triglycerides (MCT) products market for 2017-2021.