Massive Hit Improves Bit

Saltmine Design Group is proud to announce its latest work for longstanding client, Frucor Beverages, for their biggest brand V Energy Drink.

Historically, V Energy Drink has had a lot of success with launching rotational flavours to generate excitement in the category within the Route and P+C channels, as well as generating incremental sales for the brand.

Leveraging the current above the line campaign, which features Rappers and Gangsters conveying V’s brand message “A Massive Hit That Improves You A Bit”, V wanted to launch a limited edition variant called ‘Bling’.

Frucor Beverages briefed Saltmine to create the packaging for Bling, including cans and multipack outers and then translate this into a shopper campaign.

True to the name ‘Bling’, Saltmine created a shimmering gold can design with a diamond-like effect, incorporating key V assets to ensure adherence to brand guidelines. This design was replicated on the multipack wrap.

Known for their strength in pre-production, Saltmine worked with the printer to test and produce the best possible can printing result for the client. They challenged the norm, pressing for different print techniques to best replicate the diamond effect and used textured varnish within the V logo.

Using the assets from the latest rapper TVC, Saltmine pulled together a strong shopper campaign communicating the limited edition flavour with the green jewels and gold can. The use of the green jewels brought it back to the TVC and also linked back to the strong V brand colour.

V Bling is a Strawberry and Cream flavour and available nationwide from June 2017.