Sydney brand design agency, Saltmine Design Group, is proud to announce an exciting new product launch, their first for Australasian beverage company Lion.

The new brand, ROAM, is a flavoured beer to appeal to a younger audience of both males and females who are always looking for new drinking experiences and seek out new offerings.

Briefed to create the visual identity for this new brand, Saltmine designed the brand icon chameleon as a metaphor of positive and proactive change. The design is reflective of an ‘Urban Jungle’, the world that the target market lives within. It depicts the ever-changing chameleon and jungle leaves juxtaposed with an inner city brick wall. The harlequin design on the neck of the bottle reflects the shaped grip on the back of the bottle, complete with chameleon skin texture.

The two flavours, Tequila & Lime and Vodka & Watermelon are differentiated by colour, yellow and blue respectively, and true to its name the chameleon’s tail changes colour per variant across the packaging. Saltmine created bespoke typography for both the ROAM brand mark and the graffiti style writing used on the case packaging and across brand communications.

Saltmine’s Managing Partner, Sara Salter said, “This was a fantastic first opportunity to work with Lion. We were engaged from the outset of the ROAM project and collaborated with the team at Lion to make the new brand come to life.”

To support the launch, Saltmine has created a key visual which will be rolled out across consumer and retailer communications.

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