Following on from the success of a new visual identity we created for Bürgen in early 2019, George Weston Foods wanted to leverage the brand’s focus on social media advertising by creating a new, digital-focused brand campaign.

The Bürgen team briefed us to create a digital campaign that would cut through a crowded category and drive awareness for the Bürgen brand. In a way that would resonate with the target audience by showing a clear synergy between the product benefits and their active lifestyles.

The key challenge was getting a modest budget to work hard for the brand by thinking about both the creative and the choice of media differently. So, further to the core creative, Saltmine produced localised versions of each execution. Headlines such as “Rye & Shine Bondi” and “Toast the Good Life! St. Ives” spoke to local target areas to fulfil the media strategy and buy by Carat.

Focussing on Bürgen’s heartland in suburbs of Sydney, this targeted campaign comprises of:

  • A three-month media plan
  • Three executions – ‘Rye & Shine’, ‘Slice of Life’ and ‘Toast the Good Life’ to appeal to the different segments of the target market
  • Creative was formatted for use across YouTube, social media, digital display banners and Out of Home digital media (retail and fitness facilities)

George Weston Foods Marketing Manager, Tracey Fox, said “Our primary objective is to increase brand penetration by raising brand awareness and communicating the benefits of Bürgen. We needed to maximise our limited budget with compelling creative and a targeted media buy.  Saltmine helped us achieve this by bringing to life moments that are true reflections of our Bürgen target consumers’ lives.”

The Bürgen campaign is in-market from January 2020.

Feb 17, 2020


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