Melissa has close to 20 years of experience working on branding and packaging design for over 30 brands including some of Australia’s biggest consumer brands such as Arnott’s Biscuits, Berri, Bonds, Fountain Sauces, Gatorade, Olay, Gillette, Sara Lee and Sorbent. She has extensive experience in FMCG, especially with premium food, drink and personal care brands.

With a passion for creative branding, beautifully crafted packaging, illustration and typography, Melissa is a creative thinker with expertise in all aspects of design including finishes and production. She has extensive experience in branding strategy and a deep understanding of how to develop strategically driven design solutions.

As Creative Director at Saltmine, Melissa is responsible for the end-to-end design process from concept design and ideation, to visualising, development and the presentation of ideas to clients. She also manages Saltmine’s team of talented designers.

Melissa is deeply committed to the environment, animal welfare and social justice, which drives a core interest in the role of design in a sustainable future. She has a perpetual drive for continued education in design and is on a personal quest to always be better at what she does.

In her spare time, Melissa loves to read and paint, which she juggles with spending time with her two finest creations; her children.