Saltmine’s tip-top new campaign for Tip Top Sunblest

Off the back of redesigning the Masterbrand for the iconic Tip Top bakery brand, Saltmine was George Weston Foods’ perfect partner to refresh the Tip Top Sunblest range.

The Sunblest campaign, based on highlighting the Australian-ness of the range and its ingredients, is a great example of how a strong brand campaign can be executed seamlessly across multiple touchpoints, with one creative agency tasked to drive consistency.

Saltmine recruited farmers and bakers from across the Tip Top network to showcase their love and passion for the Sunblest product. Those selected became the faces of Sunblest and now feature on packaging, in videos and communication materials. Saltmine travelled the country to film the farmers and bakers to produce the series which brings to life the “closer to home than you think” campaign:

Farmer Sean

Farmer Charles

Baker Ben

Baker Ori

Baker Michael

The packaging design changes were subtle, to ensure the range stayed true to the Tip Top Masterbrand. This meant loyal consumers could continue to easily find their favourite loaf on shelf. The key communication point was to highlight that each loaf is “Baked in your state with Aussie Wheat”. The new inclusion of photographs of the bakers and farmers on-pack will help build an emotional connection with the range and pull the whole campaign together.

Tracey Fox, Marketing Manager said, “We are excited to see this campaign come to life. Tip Top Sunblest has such a wonderful and compelling story to tell and bringing it to life in such an engaging way really sets the range in good stead for the future.”

Mar 7, 2019


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