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Fibre for Life

“At Ryvita, we’re passionate about spreading the word to health-conscious Aussies that achieving a high-fibre diet can be tasty, fun and not a boring daily effort! We welcomed the Saltmine team onboard to create an integrated campaign focussed on recruiting people to “Join the Ryvita Resolution” and enjoy Fibre for Life.”

Julie Ahern, Marketing Manager
Jordan’s Dorset Ryvita

Our campaign strategy began by conducting a ‘Consumer Fibre Study’ in which we surveyed 2000 Australians about their current fibre knowledge and consumption. The “Ryvita Fibre for Life Study” revealed some very interesting insights, such as;

  • 86% of Aussies surveyed believe there is a link between gut health and overall wellbeing
  • 37% of Australians surveyed suffer from constipation 1 day a week or more. Fibre rich foods can help maintain regular bowel movements.

Using these powerful statistics, we then recruited high profile nutritionists, The Biting Truth, to be Ryvita’s ambassadors to encourage Australians to increase their daily fibre intake. They were also featured in a short video series created for social media that demystifies fibre and offers tips on how to achieve your daily requirements.


The social media campaign was rounded off with the support of a group of social media influencers who were specifically recruited for the campaign.

All of this social activity was further supported through a digital activation including a revamp of the Ryvita website to include the new creative and recipes, along with paid media in Concrete Playground, an online lifestyle magazine.


Using the learnings from a successful UK campaign for Ryvita called FibreFit, the local Ryvita team were keen to leverage this success and develop a similar campaign for the Australian market.

Despite awareness growing about the importance of gut health, there remains a great deal of confusion amongst Australians about how to increase daily fibre intake and look after their gut. With that in mind, the objective of this campaign was to show Australians that increasing fibre can be simple, fun and delicious with Ryvita.

The Ryvita Fibre for Life campaign calls people to “Join the #RyvitaResolution” which means committing to a sustainable, long-term high fibre diet for better health, including high fibre Ryvita.


The campaign was also extended through the creation of a range of delicious and inspiring high fibre recipes, using Ryvita crispbread as a key ingredient. These were featured across a variety of social media platforms with a few also becoming hero recipes featured at several outdoor sampling events across Sydney in a super-cool airstream van heavily branded RYVITA.

Maximus Gives You More
We also ran a consumer promotion as an added extra incentive to participate in Fibre For Life – this required people to upload a pic of their favourite high fibre recipe for the chance to win a trip to Byron Bay, worth $5,000!

Saltmine Chief Curation Officer, Sara Salter, said “With multiple touchpoints in-market consecutively, the key to the

success of this Ryvita campaign was a cohesive and consistent message across all of them. We pushed hard to make the budget work smarter to achieve maximum bang for buck for our client.”

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