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Tip Top Masterbrand Visual Identity

“Saltmine have been a great partner through this journey. The visual identity developed by Saltmine for the Tip Top masterbrand provides a strong, unified look for the brand and positions Tip Top as a market leader.”

Justine Cotter, Group Marketing Manager
George Weston Foods

Tip Top
Tip Top
A distinctive new red swoosh device was added to the brand’s visual identity, which is almost as important as the brand mark itself. The swoosh is used across the packaging design to frame the window which highlights the product, and in communications, as a border to highlight products and increase the brand colour.

The ‘established in 1958’ credential was added to support Tip Top’s experience and leadership position.

Tip Top

Given Tip Top’s desire to maintain its leadership position in the bakery category, George Weston Foods turned to us to develop a powerful new masterbrand visual identity for the entire Tip Top range.

The previous brand mark needed increased stand out and modernisation, whilst maintaining the quality and trust equity. We began by shifting the colour palette to richer tones that are less artificial, modernising the typography and encompassing the map of Australia within a lozenge device to create a bold brand stamp, to reflect Tip Top’s strength and pride.

Tip Top
Tip Top

When it came to redesigning the packaging for the entire range of over 30 SKUs, it was important to define a selling face for the products. We created a front face design that extends to include the base of the pack, rather than separate designs per face. Additionally, a large window highlights
the freshness of the bread and pride in the product. Falling wheat, grains and fruit were used to reinject food cues and add appetite appeal to the previously static pack design.

In the years since the masterbrand was developed, the bread market has continued to change and evolve. To maintain share and remain relevant, we have continued to work with the team on Tip Top brand’s path of evolution to maintain its commercial edge.
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