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Tip Top Sunblest
Provenance Campaign

“Sunblest has such a wonderful and compelling brand story to tell and the way that Saltmine has brought to life visually, sets the brand in good stead for future growth.”

Tracey Fox, Marketing Manager
at George Weston Foods

Tip Top Sunblest
Tip Top Sunblest

The objective of the campaign was to highlight the Australian-ness of the Sunblest brand, while giving consumers the reassurance of quality,  a sense of ownership and belonging and the knowledge that they’re buying a product that supports Australian farmers.

Tip Top Sunblest

Tip Top Sunblest is the largest brand within the Tip Top sliced bread category and its owner, George Weston Foods, saw an opportunity to increase the relevance of the range by updating it to tell its strong and compelling provenance story:

“At Tip Top we believe in the goodness of home grown and made. For generations our family of bakers across the country have been committed to sourcing golden wheat, harvested from Aussie wheat fields. From Charles the Farmer to Michael the Baker, each Sunblest loaf is made by Aussies for Aussies.”

Tip Top Sunblest
Tip Top Sunblest

At the heart of this campaign is a series of five engaging videos which featured on YouTube and premium video sites with impressive, above average completion rates. Saltmine recruited farmers and bakers from across the Tip Top network, via specially designed EDMs and posters, to showcase their love and passion for the Sunblest product.

Once chosen, Saltmine travelled the country to film the chosen farmers and bakers to produce the series which brings to life the “closer to home than you think” tagline. Those selected were chosen as the faces of Sunblest and now feature on packaging, videos and communication materials. The real Tip Top suppliers and captivating imagery of their farms and bakeries add a charming authenticity to the campaign.

Packaging was the first element of the project to be designed and the major change was the inclusion of the provenance story on-pack.

The design changes were subtle to ensure the range stayed true to the Tip Top Masterbrand and so that loyal consumers can continue to easily find their favourite loaf on shelf. Once they take it home they’ll now discover that it’s made locally, using local ingredients, and the new inclusion of photographs of the bakers and farmers on-pack will help build an emotional connection with the range.

Sara Salter, Chief Curation Officer at Saltmine, says: “The Sunblest campaign is a great example of how a strong brand campaign can be executed seamlessly across multiple touchpoints, with one creative agency tasked to drive consistency. We look forward to working with the Sunblest team to maintain momentum in the market.”

Watch all the videos here.

The new Sunblest campaign was launched in March 2019.

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